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We offer the medical treatment within the following medical areas:


ESCULAP TOURS is deeply engaged in medical tourism to Poland. We focus on our client’s specific needs and we connect them with the best medical professionals, certified Polish clinics, ambulatories and other facilities within health care in Poland. We extremely care about the customers comfort and safety and that is why we choose our permanent partners from the highest quality services providers.

ESCULAP TOURS cooperates with the leadership of Polish Public Health researchers, academics and professionals.
We register patients from all over the world at the modern top quality private clinics for the most popular treatments overseas within different medical specializations such as: 1/ face surgery (e.g. face lift, lip surgery, eye-lid surgery, operations on nose, operations on ears, etc.); operations on breast (e.g. breast enlargement,breast reduction);
2/ beauty medicine - aesthetic medicine
(e.g. mesotherapy, liposuction, scar correction, removal of malignant, scar excision, removal of tattoos etc.);
3/ dentistry (e.g. orthodontic, dental implants, teeth whitening, dental surgery, dentures, etc.);

4/ ophthalmology (e.g. cataract surgery, eyelid wart surgery, nystagmus surgery, etc.);
5/ general surgery (e.g. abdominal wall surgery, operations on gall bladder, repair of hernia, operations on appendix, removal of cysts, laparoscopy, etc.); infertility (e.g. IVF, insemination, etc.);
6/ skin care (e.g. mineral detox skin cleansing, rejuvenating sessions, SPA renewal, whole body massage, etc.)

We established our cooperation not only with the medical providers but also with the best SPA centres, travel agencies, restaurants, museums, hotels, private rooms, holiday villas, cottages, hostels, apartments etc. We believe that apart from your health needs complete satisfaction we can provide you with the travel, cultural and any other packages for your best convenience allowing you to explore the opportunities of travelling to Poland (a host country of UEFA EURO 2012). Such partnership allows us to expand our range of services, safety and quality of treatment and other services. Moreover, our long term cooperation with the best clinics in Krakow has enabled us to offer one of the lowest prices within so called health tourism abroad (for example we specialize in range of cheap dental implants abroad).

There are three main factors driving the increased popularity of medical travel to Poland contemporarily:
1. Access to the highest quality medical care and highly skilled medical professionals at low costs (e.g. we specialize in cheap dental implants abroad)
2. Immediate availability of procedures with the professional help with all the arrangements needed
3. Innovative treatments that may not be available or affordable where you live
Poland is also a place of many historical, cultural, artistic and natural attractions. For all these reasons, much better question would be: Why not?

In order to offer the complete , safe and high quality service of your choice we only ask you to click the “contact form” button and send it to us. You find there the basic questions concerning your planned trip to Poland: it is you who decides on the health services choice, travel package content and program of you stay. We care about the rest: contact with the provider, accommodation reservation (holiday homes, cottages, apartments. holiday houses, hotels, etc.), adaptation of your individual program adequately to the provider suggestions, reservation of entrance tickets, restaurants, internal travels tickets and about your specific needs. So, explore the alternative of your health tourism to Poland by filling out our short form (“contact form “ button) and send it immediately to us. Our international representative will then contact you and send more information concerning your options for medical tours overseas, in this case to Poland.


Your journey toward healthcare services in Poland starts by providing us with the basic information needed  to  assist you. Please begin by filling out this short “CONTACT FORM”. After this Form is complete and sent to us, our international consultant will review your information and contact you within 24-48 hours. To ensure that you receive our email response, please be so kind and send us the confirmation.
If you prefer to speak with someone immediately, or need our  assistance, you can phone our VOIP number: 0048 12 395 01 02 or try to get in touch via skype: trendytravel

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